Call for Nominations:

The DGS Foundation 2022 Board of Directors

The DGS Foundation supports the charitable & volunteer efforts of the Supporters Groups and fans of Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC). Celebrating our first year of incorporation and achieving our tax-exempt (501c3) status in 2021, we look towards 2022 as a year to grow and evolve our start-up into our first strategic plan. 

Our board is a hands-on, get it done board with a shared passion for soccer, doing good in our neighborhood and inspiring everyone in our MN soccer community to get involved and do good. We represent Supporters Group members, season ticket holders and casual fans across the Twin Cities and partner with MN United FC, Supporters Groups and fans. Together we are inspired by “the potential soccer, as the world’s game, has to be a vehicle and platform for bringing communities together and effecting change in the world.” 

We are looking for new members for our board and welcome self-nominations or nominations by a friend by November 19, 2021. 

We are specifically looking for a Treasurer and someone with a passion and experience for communications. More broadly, board members are responsible for supporting The DGS Foundation mission by growing awareness of our work, building our network and contributing, with time, talent and treasure as you are able, in support of that mission. Specifically, board members:

  • Serve a one-year term from January to December 2022 with a willingness to be re-elected for subsequent terms.
  • Are active members of the board and do work to grow the organization.
  • Complete tasks outside Board meetings.
  • Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings, monthly board working sessions and other meetings as needed. Total time commitment expected of board members is 1-3 hours per week.

Submit nominations here by November 19, 2021. Nominations will be reviewed by current board members and qualified candidates interviewed with the goal of electing the 2022 board by the middle of December.