Frequently Asked Questions

How will my donations be used?

DGS partners with MNUFC supporters, and others doing good, on specific projects.  You can donate directly to one of these projects through DGS.  For a list of active projects for which we are taking donations, visit our Donation page! 

The DGS Foundation anticipates building a community grant fund to which you can donate. At least once per year, we will invite the community to submit applications for ‘good stuff’ projects. Our board will review these projects against our published criteria and award grants as we are able from the community grant fund. As a start-up we hope to do our first round of grants in 2022. Criteria for grants will be published when we invite applications.

Why was this nonprofit formed?

The DGS Foundation was formed to support, enable and accelerate the tremendous community and service work already being done by fans supporting Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC). Supporters Groups (SGs) wanted a tax-exempt non-profit (501c3) to formalize and further their aspirations. 

Are individuals able to donate to DGS?

Absolutely. Anyone willing will be able to donate directly to an initiative supported by the organization or to the nonprofit directly. Visit our Donation page!

Will you be applying for grants?

Grant writing is restrictive, time consuming, adds complexity and has no guarantee that the return will be worth the effort put in. It also has a ton of opportunities. There is a time where we believe we will be applying for grants, but not anytime soon.

What are the priorities of DGS and how does soccer factor into that?

Today our priorities are to achieve our 501c3 status and develop capabilities to support partner projects. In 2022, we will be working to develop our own projects.

Minnesota United FC is the reason all of us are here. Through individual efforts and the work of the charitable arms of the SGs, MNUFC fans are doing good in our community and want to do more. The DGS Foundation was created to support and channel that energy. Soccer is what brought us together, but we do not limit ourselves to only doing good in the world of soccer but rather want to do good in our soccer team’s community.

What is the official stance on different Supporter Group?

We’re SG agnostic. Like all non-profits we have legal requirements for how donations are used and plan on having a transparent set of criteria for the types of projects we will support.

Are the SG service groups still in business or is The DGS Foundation taking over?

This nonprofit is not in the business of replacing the charitable arms of the supporters groups. One of our functions is to support the work they do with the resources and capabilities of a 501c3 nonprofit. The DGS Foundation intends to be a service partner for the supporters groups. If a supporters group is partnering with us to raise money for a specific purpose, the funds will be used for that purpose.

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