The DGS Foundation

MNUFC Fans Doing Good Stuff, Together

Our Mission

The DGS Foundation builds relationships and works with our communities to improve lives by aiding in causes that promote diversity and community well-being and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Our History

In 2018, a large group of supporters of Minnesota United FC held a strategic planning session to discuss their aspirations. Throughout two all-day sessions, a repeating theme in what we wanted to accomplish was helping the community. Many different ideas of how to accomplish this were discussed, but the repeated mantra of these sessions was simple – Do good stuff. 

Okay, maybe the ‘S’ actually stood for something else. Regardless, it was written so many times on the white board that an abbreviation to ‘DGS’ was ultimately necessary. Since then, supporters, their friends, government officials, and yes, even lawyers have been working through the process of forming of a 501(c)3 corporation to further their capabilities.

We have a lot of ideas, but the concept has always been the same – Do Good Stuff.

Our Goals

MNUFC supporters and fans want to do more for our communities. We want to be there for youth by assisting with after-school activities and raising funds. We want to do more for future generations by working with partners to protect the environment and clean up our beautiful state.  MNUFC Supporters Group volunteers have, and continue to, contribute thousands of hours of work to do good in our communities. By coming together to form the DGS Foundation, we aspire to take that commitment to the next level. 

Board of Directors


  • A life-long soccer fan and player, Casey enjoys cheering MNUFC from the Wonderwall with family and watches Tottenham matches with her dog. Casey brings an interest in sustainable community development and community engagement to the DGS board. 
  • Favorite MN way to do good – Our Streets MPLS
  • Soccer movie recommendation – Shaolin Soccer (2001)
  • Hope for DGS – “To be a foundation for others doing sustainable good in our community by providing non-profit support, a financially advantageous structure and a bigger audience than any of our supporters groups can do by themselves.”


  • Daniel Hills is passionate about Doing Good in our neighborhood and has been instrumental in keeping momentum going as DGS was envisioned and formed. A Minnesota soccer fan since the Thunder days, Daniel is a Wonderwall regular who most enjoys watching soccer with friends.
  • Favorite MN way to do good – Free Bikes 4 Kids & Second Harvest Heartland
  • Soccer recommendation – The Complete Darkness (2014)
  • Hope for DGS – “That we bring people together to do good in the community. There are so many individuals and groups in MN around the sport of soccer. I feel like the impact we have could be enhanced if we worked together.”


  • St. Paul native and lifelong passion for the game at all levels, Brandon is committed to leaving his community a better place than he found it. He believes soccer has the power to bring people together.
  • Favorite MN way to do good: MN Adopt-a-Drain
  • Soccer movie recommendation: Sunderland till I die
  • Soccer memory: autographs and photo-op with Christian Ramirez at the National Sports Center
  • Hope for DGS: “That we build upon the foundation laid thus far by these amazing board members and that we grow in reach, impact, and projects we can support. I hope we develop right alongside the interest and love for this game and this Team in MN”


  • Katrina is a transplant from California who loves everything about Minnesota and limits her MN fan focus to MNUFC. Katrina is active in youth soccer as a parent and team manager and serves on several boards. 
  • Favorite MN ways to do good: Open Arms of MN and the Northside Achievement Zone
  • Soccer memory – Watching the sun come up over the National Sports Center field, with our soccer parent friends, as my son’s team warmed up for a game by car headlights.  
  • Hope for DGS – “MNUFC fans care about their community. I want DGS to be a trusted partner of MNUFC fans and the team to enable doing transformational good together in our community.”


  • A Minnesota sports fan, Meagan is a committed member of the Supporters Group community, active as a Dark Cloud member and Silver Lining volunteer. Her first MNUFC game, a friendly vs. Swansea, hooked her and she’s been watching games with her Dark Cloud family ever since.
  • Favorite MN way to do good – The 5k Bee Run and the River Clean-Up
  • Soccer memory – MNUFC’s first away win in Chicago which included a supporters group bus ride and singing Wonderwall in Chicago’s concourse after the game.  
  • Hope for DGS – “That we support, enhance and grow the work of our Supporters Groups’ volunteer arms and help them realize their projects on a larger scale.”

Contact Us

The DGS Foundation
PO Box 17235
Minneapolis, MN 55417