Dark Clouds Charity Card Club

The Dark Clouds Charity Card Club is the only way to get good results from the player’s bad behavior on the pitch. Starting prior to the 2017 season, its a fun way to raise money for local charities while watching the Loons do things they aren’t supposed to do. *chants* “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” 

It’s simple: our donors pledge a specific amount of money for each yellow card or red card that Minnesota United players earn during the season. During our first season in MLS, an anonymous donor pledged $20 per yellow card and $50 per red card with the request that it help disadvantaged youth enjoy the games. This donation, in partnership with MNUFC, allowed 120 tickets to three different matches to be donated to the Somali-American Youth Enrichment Club (SAYEC). Seeing many young fans enjoying the game along side the Wonderwall will always be a favorite memory for many Dark Clouds. 

In the years since, our efforts and donations have only grown. In the 2019 season we received a total amount pledged of $7,463 thanks to the generations donations of our members and a… higher than average amount of yellow cards in that season. Throughout the years, Charity Card Club has benefited SAYEC, the International Institute of Minnesota, and Like a Girl.

In the 2021 season, Dark Clouds will continue the partnership with SAYEC by investing in their field painting projects to help kids play and enjoy soccer for the entire season. In addition, we’ve selected Aces 4 Kids as our main sponsor to help more disadvantaged youth in the Twin Cities. Aces’ mission is to help reduce the academic opportunity gap in the Twin Cities and improve the likelihood of success for underserved students. We’re excited to have new and old partnerships to benefit this year and look forward to watching the Loons rack up yellow and red cards for Charity!

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